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How far is Trinidad from New York? How long is the flight?

A direct flight is about 5 hours.

Is there a time difference?

During Daylight Savings Time, Trinidad is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

What language is spoken in Trinidad and Tobago?


How far is Trinidad from Tobago?

The sister islands are a quick 20-minute flight apart from each other.

Is Trinidad safe?

Trinidad welcomes thousands of visitors annually during carnival.  Reliable transportation is included in the package to some carnival activities.  If you chose to travel to other locations, transportation can be arranged at your additional expense. We encourage you to explore Trinidad, but to travel WITH someone at all times; and/or tell someone in the group where you are going.  Leave your valuables in the hotel and do not carry large amounts of cash.  Have fun and just be smart!

What travel documentation do I need? Do I need a Visa or just a passport?

Citizens of the United States will be required to have a passport valid for three months prior to their intended date of departure (from Trinidad).  For all other travellers please refer to the following link: http://www.gotrinidadandtobago.com/travel-information/travel-tips/

Do I need to have any immunization shots ?


Are your prices in TT Dollars or US Dollars?

The prices for our packages are all listed in US Dollars.

What does your package include?

Our package includes:

  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • All-Inclusive party tickets
  • Jouvert Costume
  • Mas Costume
  • Tobago trip

Where are we staying? Where is it located?

Our accommodations in Trinidad are reserved with:

The Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre

Visit their website: https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/trinidad-and-tobago/hilton-trinidad-and-conference-centre-POSHIHH/index.html

The hotel is perfectly located just steps from the Queen’s Park Savannah in the heart of the capital, Port of Spain. The hotel is HIGHLY rated, LOCALLY owned, and CENTRALLY located and is walking distance to a variety of attractions and carnival activities.

What are the parties like? What is a FETE?

FETE is a French word meaning festival, celebration or party.  All of the fetes (or parties) are outdoors and can be compared to a live concert.  Fetes start about 11pm and end around 4am.  Fetes are so much fun and often vary in theme: Breakfast (starts in the wee hours of the morning), Day (starts in the early afternoon and ends in the early evening), All-Inclusive (all food and drinks are included in the price of your ticket).

How do people dress for fetes?

It really depends on which fete you are going to, the theme of the party and the time of day. Pack clothes as if you are dressing to go on a bunch of  fun dates.  Feel confident and comfortable…and ready to party!

**Travel Tip**  Invest in FLAT, comfortable shoes AND insoles.  There are rarely any seats at a fete.  So it is likely you will be standing, jumping, and dancing for hours.  BE COMFORTABLE.

What is the currency exchange? Can I use US (or Canadian) dollars there?

The exchange is approximately $7.00 TT to $1.00 US.  You can exchange money directly at the bank, or retrieve money from the ATM.

**TRAVEL TIP**  Call your bank a week before you travel to advise you are leaving the country.  You don’t want them to block your account in suspicion of fraudulent activity.

Yes, US dollars are widely accepted as well.

Can I drink the water?

Yes.  It is safe to drink the water.  But if you prefer, you can always purchase bottled water.
What kind of food can I expect to eat there?  Are there many vegetarian choices?

Trinidad’s culture is a fusion of Indian, African and European influences.  Your menus will be filled with curries, rice, meats, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.  There are plenty of choices for vegans and meat lovers alike!

Can I use my cell phone there? Or can I buy a cell phone there?

You can use your cell phone there; it will work either on the Digicel or the B-Mobile networks.

**Travel Tip** Contact your cell phone provider to unlock your phone so you can add an international simcard. You may also add international roaming/texting to your phone for the duration of your trip.  This is one cost effective way of staying connected to loved ones back home.  Alternatively, you can buy a cell phone right in the airport when you land!  They are cheap and durable.  It’s not required, but it is a good idea for us to have a way to get into contact with each other.

Will I be able to access the internet?

Internet access is available in your room.  The hotel also offers a lap-top rental service just in case you left yours at home!

What should I pack?

Besides regular clothes, we suggest you pack:

Toiletries  (including extra deodorant)

COMFORTABLE shoes and sandals

Sneakers or boots to play mas, WITH Insoles

High SPF sun block

Bathing suit, flip flops and a towel (for Tobago)


Extra batteries

Advil, Tums, pocket tissues and mini hand sanitizer

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