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This Service Agreement “Service Agreement” is made this ___ day of_________, 201_.



c/o Aisha Mullings and Keisha Williams

(hereinafter referred to as the “Planner”)


And: ________________________________             



(hereinafter referred to as the “Traveler”)


  1. 2018 Trinidad Carnival Packages:


Traveler elects the following package:

(Please circle your choice)


PACKAGE                              OCCUPANCY

SILVER                                   SINGLE

GOLD                                      DOUBLE

PLATINUM                            TRIPLE

DIAMOND                              QUADRUPLE






  1. Agreement Term


The travel and coordination services, as described above will terminate on February 16, 2018.



III.  Payment Schedule and late fees


  1.   Deposit & Balance

A $500.00 non-refundable initial deposit is due upon execution of this Service Agreement. Thereafter, the remaining balance will be split into equal monthly installments, with the final payment due by November 1, 2017.


  1. Monthly Subscription

All payments are made through our website. Payments are due on the 15th of each month, allowing a 5-day grace period.


  1. Late Fees

Payments made after the 20th of any month will be subject to a $100.00 late fee.  If Traveler has payments outstanding after November 1, 2017, he will forfeit all monies paid thus far with no recourse for reimbursement, recovery or reparations.


  1. Groups & Occupancy


All packages prices are based on length of stay and room occupancy.  At registration, the Traveler may share his room with a group. If one of the occupants of the Traveler’s room cancels, the remaining occupants agree to the automatic increase in the cost of their package to cover one (or more) less person (or people) in the room.


Example: Traveler A registers with two friends and they each choose a Triple Platinum Package.  One of the two friends is unable to go on the trip and cancels. With notification from the Planner, the packages for Traveler A and his remaining friend will be changed to a DOUBLE Platinum Package.  Their balances will be increased to cover the cost of the room (which will be divided by TWO people now, instead of THREE).


**Note: There are no quadruple occupancy options available for the Diamond Elite package.


  1. V. Transportation


  1. Transportation & Transportation Deposit

Ground transportation is provided to/from: airport, hotel, parties (included in the package), mas camp (see costume provisions below) jouvert and mas on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  All other transportation requests (i.e. pick-up/drop-off from other locations outside of the group itinerary) will incur an additional fee.


NOTE: If your TRAVEL dates are OUTSIDE of your PACKAGE dates, transportation is not guaranteed.  If transportation can be provided (outside of the package), it will ONLY be to/from the airport to/from your respective hotel AND THIS MUST BE CONFIRMED by Planner.


  1. Lateness
  2. The Planner will advise the Traveler of all pick-up and drop-off times to all carnival events via What’s App. Wait times greater than 15 minutes, incurred by the transportation provider will incur a late fee of $50.00 (referred to hereafter as the “Transportation Deposit”). The Transportation Deposit will be added to the last invoice and due simultaneously therewith. If the Traveler is late to meet the group, or if the Traveler is a “no show”, the Transportation Deposit is forfeited in both cases. If no late fees are incurred, then the deposit will be refunded.


  1. Traveler will be advised of the departure time from all events. After 30 minutes of wait time, the group will depart from the event. Traveler will then be responsible for securing his own transportation back to the hotel.  Traveler indemnifies the Planner for any incident or harm that occurs as per the Liability Form.


Planner disclaims that although transportation pick-up/drop-off times will be scheduled in advance, traffic in Trinidad can be unpredictable and quite prohibitive during Carnival.  Therefore some delays may occur.  Please note that these delays will have no bearing on the Transportation Deposit.


  1. Cell Phones


Traveler agrees to have a working mobile phone, with What’s App downloaded for the duration of the trip.


VII. Costumes


  1. Delivery

Planner will deliver costume to Traveler upon arrival (subject to                     availability).


  1. Size Designation

Women:   Bra size (Back and cup)  ________

Bottom Type (bikini/boy shorts/thong) _____

Bottom Size (small/medium/large/XL)_______

Waist   ________

Hips     ________

T-shirt size ______




Men:          Waist__________

T-shirt size ______

Shoe size_______


** Note:

  1. Costumes are basic backline costumes.  Upgrades such as: feathered headpieces, collars, leg pieces, etc. may be available at an additional cost (depending on the section).  If those upgrades are desired, Traveler needs to specify exactly what he wants to add when he submits his top three (3) costume choices.  Upon confirmation from the Mas Band, the Planner will confirm the section and send an invoice for any upgrades.
  2. The band charges additional fees for boy shorts, larger bras and corsets.
  3. If the Traveler needs a larger bra/corset, it will be her responsibility to get the undergarment to Trinidad. Planner will instruct the Traveler exactly where to mail it.


  1. Changes to costumes

Traveler understands that costumes are tailored to fit the measurements he has provided above.  No changes can be made once the order is submitted.  If Traveler registers after costumes are ordered, or if the mas band provides the wrong order, Planner will make an effort (but it NOT obligated) to assist the Traveler with changes.  Planner will provide Traveler with transportation back to the costume distribution center on Friday, February 9, 2018, for Traveler to initiate and complete any costume issue resolution.  If Traveler is unavailable, or if Traveler requires subsequent visits to the costume distribution center (for whatever reason), it will be the sole responsibility of the Traveler to seek costume resolution (including, but not limited to transportation).


Additional fees (if any) charged by the band to accommodate any special requests will be paid by Traveler.


VIII. Parties


  1. Packages & parties

On each event day, the Traveler will have a choice between two (2) parties.  The Planner will advise what the choices are closer to Carnival.   For the Silver and Gold Packages, two (2) parties are included; and, for the Platinum and Diamond packages, three (3) parties are included.  If there are any changes to this provision, it MUST be listed in the area above for Custom packages.


  1. Attendance

Planner’s attendance is not mandatory to any event that Traveler may attend.


  1. Additional Parties/Activities
  2. If Traveler wishes for Planner to obtain tickets for parties (that are outside of the travel packages) there are additional fees for tickets based on Class. Class A tickets cost an additional $20-30 plus PayPal fees; Class B tickets cost an additional $40-50 plus PayPal fees.  Ticket prices may increase after initial quotation.  Traveler will have 48 hours from price confirmation to submit payment for additional tickets IN FULL.  Even after payment, Planner makes no guaranty with regard to additional tickets until delivery occurs. If prices increase before purchase, Planner will advise and Traveler must pay balance immediately, before purchase.
  3. If Traveler attends an additional/alternative event that conflicts with the group’s itinerary, Traveler may forfeit transportation to the event that the group is scheduled to attend.
  4. Traveler will pay separately for additional transportation to additional parties. The same provisions apply as set forth in Section V above. Furthermore, regardless of the reason for lateness (i.e. boat ride returns late), Traveler is still responsible for late fees charged by transportation provider.



  1. Cancellation


  1. First 48 Hours

Submission of the initial $500.00 deposit and/or Travel Documents constitutes Traveler’s acceptance of all terms of this Service Agreement. A full refund may only be requested within 48 hours of sending the initial deposit.  All refund requests must be sent via email.


  1. Trip insurance

Trip Insurance is available to protect Traveler from trip cancellation due to

injury, work, involuntary job loss, pregnancy, personal crisis, etc.  Traveler

may only elect trip insurance at registration. The cost of trip insurance is

$300.00 and is due no later than 10 days from the date the initial deposit was



  1. Cancellation Policy

Travelers without trip insurance, who want to cancel, must send a cancellation

email to Planner.  Traveler will have from that date of the cancellation email to

November 1st to find a “Replacement Traveler”.  It is the sole responsibility of

Traveler to find a suitable person to take his place. If he does not find a

Replacement Traveler by November 1st, the Traveler forfeits all monies paid

and the Planner has the following remedies: (i) resell the package (whole or in

part) and/or (ii) seek monetary damages from Traveler.  In the event the

Planner resells the package, the Traveler shall have no right to any

reimbursement therefrom; even if the Traveler is paid in full.



  1. Photograph Release

Traveler hereby authorizes Planner to use photos/videos of Traveler with or without his name and for any lawful purpose, including (but not limited to): publicity, illustration, advertising, marketing, website galleries and/or social media posts.


I agree to the terms and conditions set out above, effective as of the date first above written:







Initial here _____ for acknowledgment of Section IV Groups and Occupancy provision.


Agreed by:

































Costume Pick-up Letter


Date: __________________

To whom it may concern:

My name is _____________________ and I am registered in the _______________ Mas Band.  I hereby give _____________ permission to pick up my mas costume for me.  I enclose a copy of my identification card to confirm my identity.

Thank you very much.




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