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Dear Guest,

Welcome and thank you for your visit! We are Keisha Williams and Aisha Smith, Founders of Carnival Concierge LLC. Carnival Concierge LLC is a professional travel management company formed in 2012. We are both natives of Trinidad and Tobago, but now reside in New York City. We have been returning home annually to Trinidad’s Carnival for years. Our hearts will forever be full of pride and love for our rich culture, unique to our country. Over the years we have encouraged countless friends and family to visit and experience Carnival for themselves. These visitors have too been bitten by the “Carnival bug” and are now regular participants!

The purpose of our company is simple. Our goal is to expose people worldwide to an unforgettable experience! Trinidad’s Carnival is not just a vacation…it’s an escape! It’s an escape to a stress free, high-spirited and joyous series of events. We believe that there are so many people out there who dream of going to Trinidad for Carnival, but the questions of who, what, when, where and how interrupt them. Well, we offer you to consider a concierge service. We are a team dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, in the design and execution of an extraordinary vacation. We promise to go above and beyond your expectation of what a traditional concierge service offers. Your trip is guaranteed to be full of sunshine, music, memories and excitement! Carnival in Trinidad is one of life’s ultimate experiences. Let us remove all your questions by designing a trip for you where everything can be taken care of FOR you.

In closing, contact us and get your questions answered. Let Carnival Concierge go to work for you; so you can relax and enjoy the magical spirit that we call Carnival!

Sincerely yours,
Carnival Concierge LLC

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